Telos Churches are to be people inspired by truth and love to make life, disciples, and churches all about Jesus. They are Christian people relating to others in life and gathering together throughout the week as a raw, real, and reproducible local community. These local communities are led by pastors who are men trained in truth and love to oversee, engage, and lead people to trust in God, especially the gospel, with the entirety of their life. Overall, these pastors and people multiply into healthy, long-term churches with the same unified mission inspired by truth and love.

As people become trained in truth and love, we all learn then to take our life identity, life mission, and life vision in what to do by Jesus. Pastors are trained and train others in a way to ensure people are following Christ in their real life and taking their identity, mission, and vision in him. Therefore, pastors are called to shepherd people as an under-shepherd to Christ residing in and looking over the landscape of people to train to trust Christ. Instead of training people to be members of a local organization, pastors and Christian people learn to be trained and to train others to be a member of Christ which that then is his people or church.

Beliefs and Process

Thus, we see God transforming people through a process of humbling to transformation in following him as a beloved child to befriend the world for his good, glory, and good news of Christ Jesus. As we recognize God for who he is and what he has done, we become humbled before him ready to listen and learn (broken sinner). He then reveals more of what it means to trust in Christ for salvation and beginning an eternal relationship that never breaks (Christian). We further learn the extent of what God teaches humanity as truthful and loving (evangelical), recognizing him as epicenter of his plan to use our life for his use and good (gospel-centered). God's written word, the Bible, reveals who he is and who we are before him, along with what we are to do in this life (biblical and theological). God therefore inspires us deeply to be transformed to follow him among others for them to trust him (confessional and missional). As we do, he works his love in and through us, and many times in spite of us, where people taste of his goodness to repent and follow him (beloved and friendly).

  1. Broken Sinners: Humility of Beliefs
  2. Christian: Source of Beliefs
  3. Evangelical: Boundaries of Beliefs
  4. Gospel-Centered: Core of Beliefs
  5. Biblical and Theological: Specifics of Beliefs
  6. Confessional and Missional: Results of Beliefs
  7. Beloved and Friendly: Love of Beliefs