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We want to keep our friends updated about our journey as a family to see people inspired by truth and love, along with providing friends an opportunity to join our journey to help impact and inspire. We have learned from others, history, and scripture that healthy and genuine friendship seeks to consider, help, and pray by counting others as more important than ourselves. We are thankful for the growing network of friends who have helped fill needs and create more opportunity for us as a family to focus our time and attention to spread the gospel to make and train disciples of Christ Jesus in and beyond Sacramento.

What are we doing?

  1. Expressing our family plans, work, and needs along the journey.
  2. Leading and localizing people as Telos Church(es) to make and train disciples of Jesus for real life.
  3. Creating the training resource, Telos Center, for various life context to see telos centered hearts impact the world around them for the sake of the gospel.

What can you do?

  1. Pray for us as family to fight for health, endurance, and encouragement.
  2. Give financially -- monthly or one-time via online below.
  3. Join the physical mailing list below for specific updates and holiday cards.
  4. Let us know how you are doing, if you are in need, or how we can be praying for you, especially to see the gospel impact and inspire others in your life.

1) Give Financially

As of December 2017, 6 of 10 friends have joined the network of supporting friends and churches. We are now down to 3 friends or churches to join! There's an average of $50-100 monthly, and would love for you any of you to join within this month! 

We recommend "create an account" (as we have done as a family) option towards the end of the below giving form like we have done allowing you to edit details later as needed.

2) Join Mailing List

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